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I own a Honda and it has been perfect for a whole year since purchase. However when I now go to put my key in the ignition it wont fit as it did before. It goes in about half way then stops. I have tried taking the battery out and reconnecting but this didn't work.

(It is cold out but I have driven in colder weather).

Any help will be much appreciated I go away for 4 month and don't want to return to this problem.

Hi Chris,

There are many different models of Hondas but usually
the key goes in unless the lock has dirt or something
in it that prevents the key from entering the switch.

You can try some lube on the key and try pushing it in
the switch a few times to loosen things up.

There are electronic sprays that might work or even just
old wd40 might loosen things up. Try not to overdo it
but get some kind of lube either in the keyway or on the key

If something has got jammed inside the keyway then you
may have problems getting it free and it
might need to be replaced entirely.

You could try a locksmith and see if they have any suggestions.
They do sell graphite dry lubricant and maybe some kind
of silicon wax like they use on archery bow strings would help.

I have never heard of any other problems other than just
dry lock tumblers or some mechanical damage of some sort.


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