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95 heritage classic - stock oil tank. oil will not come out of feed n ipple - does flow out of return nipple. have blown forced air (80psi) in both directions thru feed nipple. can hear and feel air going thru - but still no oil!
any suggestions? I have 55 yrs riding and wrenching and have never experienced this problem


Hi Don,

The return exits near the top of the tank, so it should
only flow oil with the bike running.
You do have the two lines connected correctly?
I have not seen one that plugged after 80 psi goes through
It sounds like either you will need to run a wire brush or
such through or call Roto-Rooter!
Just kidding, you will have to clean, cut or replace as needed
to get the oil flowing, just make sure you are opening up the
feeder pipe. I have run into plugged tanks but usually
some cleaning helps.


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