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Motorcycle Repair/Starting issue on a 1981 honda cb750k


My bike has a mind of its own sometimes. I have a 1981 honda cb750k that was starting and running until recently. I was pushing the starter button and it was cranking over, I let off the button to choke the bike and when I pushed the button I got nothing, no click from the solenoid or the starter. My headlight, neutral light and oil light all come on, I push the button and the headlight goes out as its supposed to on this model but I get nothing from the solenoid or starter. A test light shows all the proper signals at the solenoid, and if I lay a screw driver across the solenoid it fires the starter right up. I tried replacing the solenoid, figuring it was bad, and I made sure to hook it up the same exact way, and it does the same thing. Jump it across the solenoid and it fires right up. Im lost on this one.

Hi Jason,

Check if the red/yellow wire on the solenoid has power
when you push the starter button.

If so, then try a temporary jumper from the green/red solenoid wire to ground
just for testing.

Try the starter again.

If the solenoid then works check your clutch switch for problems
and/or the gear position switch.

Sometimes you have to check the ground circuits even if the power
circuits are working.

If there is no power on the red/yellow when pushing the button
then you have button or ignition switch or wiring problems.


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