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Motorcycle Repair/1985 Yamaha Virago xv700


I have pulled the carbs off of the bike to-do a rebuild after bike had been sitting for 5 years.

After reassembling I realized my manual didn't have an adjust instruction for the starter plunger. I am wondering if you have any knowledge about this or possibly had a manual that gave the instruction.

Thank you for your time

Hi John,

If I am understanding your question it is about the choke plunger
that screws into the carb. The plunger has to bottom out
to seal the ports inside until you lift it when starting the bike.

Make sure the plunger has enough clearance to hit bottom so it
is not running with the choke on.

The plunger will normally lift enough as long as the closing
clearance is enough to allow it to bottom out.

Let me know if you need more info.


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