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Motorcycle Repair/1998 80 ci harley oil problem


QUESTION: my question is simple but the answer may not be. here it is when I first start the bike everything is fine but when it starts to warm up it starts to fill the oil bag it shows 35 lbs of pressure I pulled the oil filter on front of motor rolled it over and not much oil came out.i drained all the oil and only put in 3 qts and still did the same thing

ANSWER: I am a little confused here on your question. Are you asking why you have 35 lbs of oil pressure or why you don't have put much oil in?

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QUESTION: man I must have been drunk when I wrote that question. first its a 98 and not an 88. when you start the bike its ok then all of the oil starts filling the oil tank but not putting any of the oil to back into the motor don't know where the 35 lbs comes from in my first ? I pulled the oil pump thinking maybe keyway but no ck valve no put the pump back on primed oil pump at the ck and now it does not move any oil cked all lines  new filter its driving me to drinking

There are several reasons for a oil pump no working. You have a keyway on the pump side as well as a keyway on the gear, inside the cam gear case, that runs the pump. If either is broken the pump will not pump. If the pressure valve in the oil pump does not slide you will not pump oil or create pressure. The only other things it could be is a damaged pump gear or a damaged oil pump case.
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