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QUESTION: My engine started to have quiet ticking noise, gets louder and faster when I hit the throttle. I've tried to determine whether it is from the rockers, top end or bottom, primary, or exhaust but can't really pin point it. Someone told me it was my primary chain too loose, another said it could bee my rods?

ANSWER: How many miles do you have on the bike?

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QUESTION: She's got just over 55,000 miles

The first thing that comes to mind is your rub blocks that keep the chains tight for the cams. With that many miles they might be worn through. I have seen them fail at less mileage than that.
The other thing it could be is a lifter that is not pumping up all the way.
I don't think its the rods. They usually don't tick and they make more noise at idle then when you rev it.
I don't think its the primary chain. It makes a slapping sound and smooths out when you rev it without a load on the bike.

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