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Hello, I have a 2002 Honda shadow 1100vt when i am riding it , it dies on me and will not crank unless i jump it off. I was told it was the rectifier because it was draining the battery while i was riding it. Is there a way of testing the rectifier? I even purchased a new battery and it lasted three cranks then back to having to get it jumped everytime i killed it then back to dieing while going down the road. Can you shed alittle light on my darkness.

Hi Sonja,

Get a cheap or otherwise multimeter to check your battery voltage.
Check it stopped and at 2000 rpm.
You should get a reading over 14 DC volts on the battery terminal
at 2000 and stopped you should read about 12.6 DC volts

If you only get battery readings and not over 14 then you have
to check your alternator or stator output.

There are 3 wires the same color coming out of the engine cases.
Usually all yellow or white.

You disconnect the connector and connect the multimeter to
any of the two same colored wires.

Set the meter on "AC" voltage. Run the bike and you should get
a good reading on those wires, maybe 30 to 60 volts AC.

Try checking between any two of the three wires and the readings
should all be similar. The voltage will go up as you speed the engine up.

If the voltage reading is good there but not at least 14V on the battery then your regulator is likely fried.


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