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I have a 2000 ZG1000 A15 Kawasaki Concours. The clock on the bike works but will not keep its memory. I start the bike and set the clock, but when I turn off the bike and restart, the clock goes back to 1:00. The memory will not hold. Is this a fuse issue or a wiring issue or is the clock screwed?


Hi John,

There are two power wires on the clock.
One is switched and only powered when the key is on.
The other is live all the time and is white/black color.

The W/BK wire is powered by an accessory fuse in the junction
box so if you have no power it might be the fuse or the wiring
or last resort the clock itself.

The power to the accessory fuse comes from the battery on a
whte/red wire. This has to be live to supply the fuse with juice.

You can start by checking if the fuse has battery voltage
and then go on depending what you find there.

Sometimes grounds can be a problem but your clock is working
so I suspect the power on the black/white wire has been interrupted

If the wiring, fuse  and voltage checks out the clock
is probably faulty. Hope not!


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