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QUESTION: I have a 2004 Heritage. The manual says use premium gas.
93 octane here in New York contains 10% ethanol.
I know a place that sells ethanol free gas, but it's only 91 octane.
Which is better?

ANSWER: A lot of manuals, car, truck and bike say to use premium gas. the reason for the higher octane is to keep the motor from pinging. I would run a few tanks of the 91 octane. If you don't get pinging I would stick with it.
Good luck and happy riding

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QUESTION: I should have stated my question more clearly.
Which fuel is ultimately the best?
93 octane w/ ethanol?
91 Octane without ethanol?
Or, to ask in reverse..
Which has the most potential to harm my motor?

this is one of those questions that you can ask 100 people and get a 100 different answers! The way motors are designed today, the 10% ethanol will not hurt your motor. Like I said before, the octane is for pinging. Personally, I don't think either fuel has any potential to harm your motor. Like your bike, mine calls for 93 octane and it has never seen it. I like saving a little bit at the pump.

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