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Motorcycle Repair/Honda CX500C Carb Issue


Bike was restored and is running fine, was garaged and well-maintained until stored for 5 years.  After rehabilitation, carbs are leaking from where the "joint set" tubes connect with the carbs on either side and my mechanic hasn't found a suitable seal/gasket material.  "Joint Set, Fuel" no longer available from Honda (or anywhere else I've looked) so any suggestion for a gasket/seal to keep the gas from leaking would be greatly appreciated, or an actual real-life fix if you know of one.  Thank you.

Hi Mary,

These guys say they have 3 fuel joint sets left so check them out:

Also try here:

Some other bikes use these but the size is important so I know my dad was
a mechanic and he used a product called "SEAL-ALL" to stop fuel tank leaks.
I will do some research and let you know if I find something more permanent.

Thanks, WS

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