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I have a 2005 Kawasaki Vulcan, the battery was hooked up backwards on it accidently. It blew a fuse which I then replaced. All was working properly except the injectors. Now the injectors are not injecting fuel into the carburator. Do you have an idea what the problem could be ?

Hi JD,

It may be tough to track down the damage, hopefully
it will be something simple. Check the ECU fuse
with a multimeter to make sure it is good.

When you first turn on your ignition the fuel pump
should run for a few seconds and then shut off.
Listen for the fuel pump sound. If you do not
hear the pump then you will have no fuel pressure
to the injectors.

This could be a bad relay in the relay box.

The bike should have a self-diagnostic capability
also. Usually this is a yellow wire near the tool box
that is grounded to produce a series of flashing lights
on the dash which can be looked up to find a service code.

Once the fuel pump is working then you can check for power to
the injectors and ignition coils.

This is controlled by the computer "ECU" and various sensors.
In your case it may even be a burnt wire but the crankshaft
sensor is usually the one that signals the computer
that the engine is turning over.

I suggest trying the self-diagnostic and checking for
power to coils and fuel pump.

If the ECU is okay and the signals are correct from the
sensors then it should run.

Often relays can go bad when the battery is reversed
as well as fuses.

Check the fuel pump relay since you have no fuel
or no power to the injectors.

Service codes are likely listed on the internet, if not get back to me.

If this a 900 or 1500 Vulcan?


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