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this bike has a 3 phase stator, should all3 yellow leads show a ac current when engine is running? at present it shows from 2 only. also the rectifyer has been moved and 3 yellow leads go in on 1 sidethe other 3 are power to battery, earth and the 3rd , which was connected to the earth lead now goes to a fused point in the block. is this correct. main point being the battery goes flat over night ( below crankability) thanks for your help

I'm sorry I wish I could help you more with this.
My reccomendation would to be to find a parts bike, or new stator wiring harness,
and replace what ever is missing. I dont beleive in jimmy rigging or micky mouse wiring on a motorcycle.
I have purchased a complete wiring harness for my 1983 XV750MK Midnight Virago because of a simular issue. Wires had been cut, spliced together and parts had been removed.
Also I would look for a wiring schematic for your bike, that might help you also.
I think you should check all 3 stator wires with an OHM meter to the frame (ground)
I think you have a short somewhere. maybe the insulation is worn through and touching ground.

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