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hello wayne! i wanted to thank you for your input on my clutch problem i WAS our last conversation you suggested that the clutch may not be seated fully....(lock nut should be just about flush)is what you said that sent me in the right direction!! the nut wasnt even close to flush so i removed the clutch and checked for wear marks(and found them)as you ends up i had the clutch and primary lined up the way they evidence of the wear marks but.....even though the clutch and primary were meshed and turning together,the clutch was not fully seated. when rein-staling the clutch it dropped onto the shaft about the same distance....leaving about 3/8 of an inch of thread to accept the nut so while installing clutch i decided i would spin the primary while tapping the the clutch basket with a rubber mallet,i tapped it about 3 time and the basket slid down another 3/8 of an inch...i knew i had it then!!!! thanks again wayne,without your help im sure id still be scratching my head! rick

Hi Rick,

I hope that gets your bike going again, what a brain teaser that was.
I am glad you mentioned that clutch nut as that finally gave me another clue.
I know those clutches can be a little tight but usually the nut will
pull them in tight. Good show anyway!

See ya later,

Wayne S.


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