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 I have an 81 cm400a hondamatic. When i put the bike in gear and pull the throttle the bike doesn't want to move. When you shift from neutral into low gear you can feel it kick in but no response when giving it throttle. I put the rear wheel off the ground and put it in gear and with out giving it any throttle the back wheel spins in idle. Please help!!!!!


Hi Andy,

It sounds like your torque converter might be slipping or faulty.

It is pretty well obsolete now but you might find one at a cycle
salvage yard or try the ebay link below.
Honda number 26200-417-010

By your description the transmission is shifting into gear but the torque converter
is not applying the engine power to the transmission solidly.

The torque converter is not servicable as it is a sealed unit.
It runs on the same oil as the engine so make sure you are not low on engine oil.

The torque converter is located inside the right engine cover.


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