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Last fall before storing my v45 Magna the clutch started slipping going from 1st to 2nd gear if I gave it alot of throttle. I took it out of storage and now when I take it out of neutral it dies everytime. It seems the clutch isn't being disengaged when I pull in the clutch lever.


Hi Tim,

This can be due to a couple of things. First is the clutch hydraulic system could
have air in it. If the lever feels normal then it might be okay.

Second is the clutch plates or discs may be stuck together from the oil
stiction. If this is the case they will often break loose by starting the bike in
gear with the brakes held on or get it moving, put it in gear and
drive it a bit putting some engine force on the clutch plates to break them loose.
This should be done in a safe place to avoid falls or getting hurt.
Be careful!

The problem might also be excessive wear on the clutch hub and plates.
This can cause them to hang up and fail to release.
If the clutch will not break loose and release then you would have to replace
the clutch hub and plates.


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