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My problem is that the indicators only work on the right hand side. I have checked the wiring and switches for continuity and could find nothing wrong. They were all working and one day the problem started. I suspect it could be the relay. Could you shed some light on my problem.

Craig, If the signals work on one side, then the flasher/relay is fine. It doesn't take sides by itself. The switch is what directs power from side to side.

Take a simple automotive 12v test light and check for power coming out of the switch on the orange wiring leads. I'm not sure if the wiring loom out of the switch does its connections inside the headlight shell or outside of it, along side the frame.

The power flow for signals is BAT to IGN SWITCH to FLASHER RELAY to SIGNAL SWITCH then to either LEFT or RIGHT SIDE signals to GROUND. So, the problem is either within the switch or the wiring coming out of the switch. The final part of the circuit is the ground paths for each of the signals, so they must be checked as well. Verify that all bulbs are of the same wattage and that they are all still functioning by swapping them from left to right side signal units.

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