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what will cause it to have fire going to the coil but not out to plugs?pd

Hi there,

Your bike should not have fire going to the coils but should have
over 12.3 volts battery power on the black/white ignition coil wires.

The ignition module controls the ground side of the coils
according to the signals sent by the ignition pulser coils
which tells the module when to break or connect the ignition coils grounds
causing the coils to spark.

So if you have power on the black/white wires but no fire
then the pulsers or module are not signaling the ground circuit properly.

Unplug the module and try grounding blue/yellow
ignition coil wire quickly and see if your coils spark
with key on. If so then your module or pulsers may need

Get back to me and I can get you some specs on those if need be.


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