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We have an issue with a Hayabusa which is refusing to Go!
She starts, idles well however on trying to pull off she sounds as though she is having an electrical breakdown.
We have attended to the injectors, spark plugs, fuel pump and coils but nothing seems to be helping. The tank was even epoxy coated to rule out rusting tank. Initially the problem was thought to be fuel related however this has been ruled out. Any suggestions?

Hi Samantha,

If you are sure the spray pattern is good on all the injectors
and the fuel filter has been backflushed or replaced
and the fuel pump screen in the tank is not rusted
then you might have electrical problems.

Check if your spark plugs are fouling or clean and
replace any fouled ones. Narrow all the plug gaps by .005"

Buy a can of De-Oxit and remove the connectors from the
ECU, check for bad pins then spray all ignition connections
with the De-Oxit, push the connectors on/off a few times.
This will remove any oxides and restore good electron flow.

Check the charging system and battery for bad cells (load test). Overcharging can
mess up the electrical same as undercharging.
Clean any connections with the De-Oxit.

Other possible problem areas are the ignition switch, throttle position sensor,
camshaft sensor and stator if the charging system looks off.
Cleaning the connectors might help or testing/replacing them.

There is no one simple answer for misfiring or electrical problems.
It might just be a voltage problem but could be a loose connection
or bad sensor. This is why they have self diagnostic and dealer
diagnostic capabilities in most complex bikes. As you know
it gets expensive unless you have another machine to swap
parts with for testing.

It can be as simple as a poor ECU connection or even a faulty ECU
but testing at home is limited to swapping parts unless the
machine shows some trouble codes to check out.

Some of the more basic sensors and switches can be tested with a
multimeter like the tip over sensor, side stand switch, clutch switch etc.
Don't underestimate the power of cleaning connectors with the
De-Oxit electronic spray, often this restores the electrical balance necessary
to run correctly.


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