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QUESTION: Hi i have a 1982cbx1000.charge gauge went to 0 not showing any out put.battery is new and volt reg is new.Took alt off and had tested showed bad rotor,stator okay.replaced rotor and brushes.still no output at gauge.checked all fuses but when i remove the tail,meter fuse the volt gauge shows battery voltage.I went through disconnecting the connectors at the volt reg to see if i could duplicate the same concern.No such luck!Any thing you can think of that would cause this?

ANSWER: The 'charge gauge' you refer to is actually a voltmeter.  If it goes to zero, and you have a battery connected, then you have a broken connection somewhere else, or a short. You mention that the battery is new and the voltage regulator is new.  Have you replaced those to try and fix this problem, or was there another problem that you were chasing?  Are the new parts OEM or just 'compatible' from a supplier? I always have people double-check the last things they did!  If it is a short, whatever is shorting will get very hot, and give other problems. First check the main fuse on the bike, as these are quite fragile now because of their age.  This fuse is located close to the solenoid behind the right side panel in a black box.  Then check the two red wires that come from the battery and go into the wiring loom.  If that is all OK, then the next usual culprit is the ignition switch.  The ignition switch has multiple connections, so if the lights come on is not a complete check, the ignition switch also provides the voltage for the alternator.  If it is not the switch then check the connections into the instrument cluster and also the connections to the voltmeter.  Let me know what you find.

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QUESTION: Hi Jan I followed your instructions.Every thing looked good.pulled gauge cluster and found 2 broken wires at the tach plug in a blue and green wire.Looking at the back of the plug which plug in the blue wire and green wire go?just below ther is to thr left a blue with white tracer and to the right is a orange wire.You have be total great!

Honda is very good at continuing the color codes throughout, so if you can get to the other side of the plug your questions will be answered...  Let me know how you get on.  My recollection is that the green wire goes to one of the voltmeter terminals.

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