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Motorcycle Repair/oil leak on 1986 shadow 700


I have an oil leak that exits the left crankcase cover by way of the pulse cable on the bottom of the cover. I have replaced the neutral switch and the O-ring on the shift drum holder and the oil continues to pour out. Any suggestions?


Hi Doug,

I believe you are talking about the side of the engine where the stator or alternator lies.
Since you have checked the shift seal and if the oil is not coming from
anywhere higher up it seems like the cover gasket is likely leaking.
The clutch slave cylinder is also on that side so if your clutch fluid
was going down it might be that.
My bet is just on the cover gasket at this point as it keeps most
of the oil from leaking out on that side.
The gasket is not very big so the surfaces have to be fairly smooth and clean
before putting a new one on.

Here is a picture of the area I am talking about:

Also make sure the oil level in your bike is not too high.
Don't screw the oil dipstick in when checking the oil level.
Just have the bike sitting level when you check it.

I hope I am on the side you are talking about.
Either way the gasket is most important along with any seals
or orings in the area.

If you have a small leak some kind of goop might work for awhile
on the outside only.
Same thing if the case is cracked some JB Weld epoxy can often hold up for
some time. Never use silicon or such inside the engine cases
as it plugs up the oil passageways and oil pump.


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