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Hello, I just picked up my first bike. A complete barn find 2 stroke 80cc YG1K. I took it to a local shop to get tank and carb cleaned as well as a general safety once over. I am learning to ride and have been practicing on a friend's CB125.  However, the shop stated that this bike may have a different shift pattern.  Any idea what it may be?  I bought a user manual from Ebay, but it describes the shifter as the heel/toe type, while mine is actually just the toe version. Thanks much.


Hi David,
Cool bike :)

The shift patterns on these old Yamahas were either of these two patterns:

Click the toe shifter up all the way repeatedly to find neutral and then down for first, second etc.
The other pattern on some older small bikes was the rotary shift pattern:
It was neutral and then each push down of the toe shifter was a gear like N1234 and then being
rotary it would go back into neutral again!  So N1234N.

Yours should be N then down for 1234 and then pull the shifter up from there to go 4321N
It is easier once you visualize the way it works.

Let me know if you have questions.

Wayne S

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