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My 1969 triumph daytona quits on me after just a few miles. I think it is electrical because at an idle it will make a clicking noise and quit. I took the cover of the points and there is a spark on the points right when it gets ready to quit. I have cleaned the gas cap vent out and carburetors and put new fuel lines on it so i know it is getting gas. There just is a clicking noise then it dies. If you have any ideas it would be a lot of help. Thanks

Hi Andrew,

If you have a lot of sparking happening on the points
You may have a bad condensor.

If you notice a build up of metal on one of the point faces
that indicates a faulty condensor also.

You might also check your charging voltage to the battery.
Excessive voltage can burn the points.

You might have a poor connection of power to the coils.
This might be a faulty ignition switch.

The coils need steady battery voltage.

If there is a kill button check that too.

Let me know if you notice anything else.

Wayne. S

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