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Motorcycle Repair/Carb issues I think


Ok to start I recently rebuilt my carbs and found a hole in the slider while apart I rejected the main jets with new needles and seats. At first I was way over sized but after a few attempts I believe I've got them right. However under acceleration past a certain point it seems to flood out. It rev's high and clear in neutral but in gear I'm only getting between 4-5000 RPM before it floods and falls on its face. I'm checking my float heights now.. But I'm lost past this.. I do have aftermarket pipes

First off, what Make , Model and Year is the Bike.
What kind of Carburetors are they (Mikuni / Hitachi)?
I can help because I rebuild Carburetors for a living.
Clearify a couple things. A hole in the slider. Do you mean a hole in the rubber diaphragm
that is on the slide? Because that would be bad. They wont operate correctly with
a hole in the diaphragm. I believe you have installed new needle valve seats and needle valves
is this correct?
What kind of Carb kits did you use? K&L?
Your welcome to call me. My contact info is on my website. Aftermarket pipes lets more air flow through your Carbs and require a little bigger size Main Jets.

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