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I have a 1982 CB900 C. It has been stored for 10 years. I got it out put a battery in it to see if it would roll over.  Lights came on, but all I heard was a click from the cylnoid when I pushed the start button.  Where do I go from here?

Hi Nancy,

Just wanted to note that your battery must be new or load tested to verify it's
in good condition. Batteries can lose stamina and still read over 12 volts.

Under your carburetors there is a shiny cover where the starter resides.
The cable that goes to the starter must have battery power when you
try to start the bike. As soon as you hear the solenoid click
check either at the solenoid or at the starter itself and see if you
are getting power to the starter motor.

If the solenoid is transferring the battery voltage to the starter
and it doesn't turn then you have either a stuck starter or a stuck
motor. If there is no voltage on the starter cable then it
is probably a bad solenoid.

You can check the starter by applying 12 volts directly to it's
terminal where the cable connects.

Before starting a bike that has been sitting it is good to
add a small amount of oil to the spark plug holes
to lube the engine when it first turns over.

It can also be a good idea to put the bike in a higher gear
and turn the rear wheel forward to see if the engine will rotate.
It will help to remove the spark plugs first.

The carbs may have old fuel in them that will need cleaning
but see if it runs first and then you can try some additive
like "Seafoam" to treat the fuel.

Let me know in a follow up what you find and if you need more details.

Wayne S

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