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Wayne I had my GSXR-600/07 break levers replaced just to add stylish chrome ones. while "riding" at any amount of speed my bike will stop moving and shut off right in the middle of me riding! Dangerous and annoying! I have to carry a 10mm wrench in my jeans to jump off bleed my breaks while applying the breaks just to get back moving could it be the after market levers "that of course" were sold as being compatible with my 07GSXR-600,im too cute to be stopping in the middle of the street to do a break job!

Hi Tara,

The brake lever has to have a hair of clearance when you release it.
If it is holding the brake plunger in just slightly the air bleed
back port in the brake master cylinder will not allow the fluid to back
off and release the pressure in the brake lines.

I would suggest removing one lever and see if you might be able
to file or grind it a bit so it does not touch the plunger inside the
master cylinder so hard.

It just needs a millimeter of clearance to make sure the brake is released

If that doesn't work then you might have to go back to the original levers
to make sure you stay safe and cute ;)

Wayne S

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