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QUESTION: My 84 shadow won't fire from front cylinder some times I've changed the coil and checked the wires

ANSWER: Hi Tommy,

The problem with the front cylinder can be a few different
things. One is just a carb that is not getting enough fuel
or needs to be soaked in carb cleaner or has been
assembled incorrectly.

The carb can get air or vacuum leaks around the mounting.
This can sometimes be checked by spraying some carb
cleaner, wd40 or starting fluid around the rubber mounts
to see if the engine starts firing.

The ignition pulse coils are inside the clutch cover
and can sometimes start to act up.
White to yellow and white to blue
should read about 480 ohms.
The ohms may not always indicate
a bad pulser however and at some point you may need
to just change it.

Once you are sure the carb is totally clean and filling with fuel then
there is the compression on the cylinder.
Sometimes the valve clearance is too tight unless
the engine is worn.

If the compression is equal on both cylinders
then check for air leaks, clean carb and finally
replace the pulse coil.

One of those should help unless you have dirty
connectors on the ignition units etc.
Clean those with electronic cleaner.

Use a known good battery to provide lots of juice to the ignition.
Sooty spark plugs might be a bad carb or leaking
fuel valve diaphragm if you have a vacuum fuel valve
on the tank.

Wayne S

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I was looking at what u said and somehow resent the question sorry but thanks for the help it was my carb


No problem, I am glad you got it working better.
If you store the bike for any length of time add some fuel stabilizer to the gas.
Most auto stores have fuel stabilizer and it only takes a capful or so
to treat the gas so it doesn't gum up the carbs when parked.

Wayne S

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