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I recently bought a 1991 kawasaki ex500 for 700 bucks. The bike would run and idle but would sputter and kick back around 2 and up gears. Though something might be wrong with my carburetor a but turns out that it was an array of other issues.
I noticed the air filter was so old it has disintegrated. So I began to take it apart. I got the carburetor out but it was amazingly clean. (bike was probably not used much has about 18,000 miles) In the process I noticed the fuel lines were falling apart. I replaced them but now I have a couple of new issues.

1. The carburetors won't align with the air intake runner boots.

2. When I tried to bleed the brakes the screws on the fluid box were so worn out I can't take the cover off. So I'm not sure what to do?

3. The trottle sticks and I'm not sure if i should replace the whole wire or what I should get.

So, if you could give me some advice and how much you think the parts would cost me. I would really approached it!
Thanks !


Hi Chris,

The carbs can be a bear to install on these bikes.
If you use some rubber lubricant it can help
a bit. The air box goes in first and then the carbs
into the engine mounts. Then you pull the air box
and carbs apart to get the air box rubber aligned
and installed. There is no real easy way it just
takes some work and a helper if possible to help
keep the air box and carbs apart while you work the
rubber boots into position. You might have to turn
them to get them in the right place. Use something
like rubber or vinyl treatment spray if it helps.

If the screws in the cover are totally ruined you will
have to get a small punch or chisel to tap them
loose. If that won't work you have to carefully
drill the heads off the top of the screws.
Use a drill that is a little larger than the screw threads.
Don't drill too far and watch for metal shavings
so they don't get inside the fluid box.

Check if your throttle is turning okay on the carbs
and if so then it might be your cables are faulty.

Remove the cables from the carbs first and then
open the throttle grip to get the cables off the top
end. A new cable would be the safest option on the throttle.

Bike parts are not cheap but you may not need much
to get it going. A cable is about $20-30 but
you might need both cables.
There is a push cable and a pull cable.

The throttle tube on the bars has to turn freely as well.
They might have a deal for both cables online
like ebay or such.

Good luck on your repairs,

Wayne S

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