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I have a 1972 Honda CL450. Replacing the cam covers, on the rear one, there is a thin aluminum baffle plate for the breather. In my gasket kit, there are just two identicle gaskets; one for the front cover and one for the rear. Isn't the baffle plate supposed to have a  fuller gasket or at least a gasket?  Or would Hondabond work for sealing the cover and thin plate together?  I checked the microfische on BikeBandit and it doesn't show a gasket there.

Thanks, Paul
ps, Sorry to bother you during dinner. I figured this would be less intrusive.

Paul....  This works fine as well, or you can always email direct.

shows two different part numbers for the front and rear gaskets.  I'm not fully in tuned with the 450 engine line, but on the 305s, the baffle plate comes with the gasket already glued on.

If your gasket kit was not OEM, it could either be an earlier version or the baffle plate was not supposed to be disturbed. If it is an a/m kit, they have their own thing going on, so sometimes they have more gaskets then you need and sometimes not enough.

HondaBond, 3Bond or equivalent sealers will seal up gasket areas where there are small voids. If the baffle came off and left big chunks of gasket behind, some regular RTV might provide more filling ability.

I hope that helps answer your questions.

Bill Silver  

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