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I have a 1983 vt750c shadow  and I want to customize  it. Can I put different carbs or single  carb to come out the side with air filter (like Harley).


Hi David,

I would not recommend a single carb unless you can fit a later
model that uses a single carb already.

The problem is getting the carbs tuned to feed the proper
amount of fuel to each cylinder, very difficult.

Also the pipes must be connected to make a single
carb work properly. Individual pipes will cause more
tuning problems.

The only possibility is checking for a later
model VT750 (1999-04) and getting all the intake, carbs
and air filter parts and then modify as necessary
to make them fit on your older engine.

Tuning is always very tough on complete carb changes.
You may be fiddling more than riding unfortunately.
Honda uses some very expensive machines to design and
test fuel and air flow on these bikes which is not
possible at home.

I would stick to customizing the appearance in other ways
that are not so expensive or troublesome.

If you pick up a 99 model you will have a single carb machine
to work with.


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