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Been riding a long time... Have a strange problem:

When I am in gear and slowing (coasting in gear) I feel as though the bike drive disengages and the rpm drops... but the drive is NOT disengaged as I can give it throttle and it responds normally- WTH?!
It doesn't happen every time but often and enough to trouble me and detract from my ride...
Bike is a 2001 softail w/fuel injection.
What could cause this?

ANSWER: How long had this been going on and have you made any changes to the bike before it started?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thanks for responding!
I am not sure how long it has been going on- it's not a "break down" thing (yet?) and it was so different to anything I had previously experienced that I was doubting what I felt...
The only thing I have done is adjust the primary chain and the drive belt to get rid of some load speed jerking... I have checked both twice- thinking as you that what has changed. I recently purchased the bike and have no contact with the former owner. It could have been doing it from day one but with the inconsistency of it and the strangeness, I wasn't sure what was happening. Now that I am riding it often I am sure it is not right. I have have over 20 harleys and several TC88 fuel injected softails and this really stumps me.
I am slowing in gear and it feels like the drive disengages (similar but not exactly the same as pulling the clutch and letting off the gas) and the rpms go down (to idle?).
Know its hard without seeing or riding the bike!
Thanks for any input you have,

I hate to say this, but you have me stumped here. Without riding the bike it is tough to give an opinion on this. About the only way the drive would disengage would be the rear pulley being loose and slipping, but it would slip when there was a load on it. I don't think there is a problem with the tranny, since it would do the same thing under a load.
Probably the best thing would be to take the bike in to a shop and let them test ride it and see what they think
Sorry I couldn't be more help

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