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okay so I have a 1992 zx7rand I do not have high beams I've checked every place every fuse every relay sit in the bar switch I checked everywhere I can think ofI've been replaced all the fuses in the junction box on the right side of the bike where your legs would be I've changed the bulbs with brand new bolds I've checked the filament in both my stock bulbs in my new bolds both check out but I still have no high beams when I flip the switch on the handlebars I do have the blue high beam indicator light comes on when I put the high beam switch but the lights go out when I put the high beam switch back on to the low beams the low beams come back onplease help I have exhausted all options I need to fix thank you so very much for your time hope to hear from you soon

Hi Mike,

NOTE: the reserve lighting device is behind the steering head
mounted in a bracket on the frame.
It can shut the lights down for starting
and turn the lights on for running.
Check that device if there are no breaks in the
wiring. WS

The next step is to check the wiring with a test light or multimeter.

The high beam indicator light is directly connected to the
high beam headlight wire. If you have power on the indicator
light then the wire must be broken in the harness to the
high beams. The other possibility might be that the
high beam ground is faulty but since the low beams work this is a long shot.

These bikes used what is called a reserve lighting device but
since the high beam indicator comes on it looks like
the power is getting through the device to the dimmer switch.

The high beam wire should be a red/black wire going from
the dimmer switch to the headlight bulb.

If the wire has power where it exits the dimmer switch
when on high beam then that wire should carry the power
to the high beams. You can check it by the dimmer switch and on
the bulb socket itself. There might be a break in that wire
on it's path between. You can connect a temporary jumper
on that wire near the dimmer and then touch the bulb
to see if it works, then you know there is a break somewhere
in the red/black wire.

If your bike is still having problems it might be interference
from the reserve lighting unit. I would have to research
to find it's location so do the above and get back to me
with the results if necessary.

This info applies to the bikes from 1985-97 approx.

Wayne S

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