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I have a 1983 Honda v45 magna. When I start the bike cold it starts right up, no issue...rarely I have to engage the choke. My issue is when its warmed up and I stop somewhere and try to start it up it turns over, but doesn't fire up. I have to let it cool down for about 30 minutes before I try again, then it will start. It has new sparkplugs and the ignition switch was just changed. Any ideas?

Hi Mark,

It sounds like either the bike is running a bit rich on fuel
or you are losing some compression when the engine
is warm.

Check the spark plugs and make sure they are a nice tan
color and not black.

Check your cylinder compression when cold and again
when warm. If it is much lower when warm your
valve clearances may be too tight.

If the compression is low when cold the engine
may need a ring job.

If the plugs are black check the air filter and fuel valve
for problems.

If the fuel mixture is correct it should need the choke on
cooler days.

It might help to clean and adjust the carbs and set
valve clearances.

The spark plug colors will tell you what's happening inside
the engine.

There is a color chart at I believe.

If the fuel mixture looks okay make sure your fuel tank is not
building up internal vacuum due to a plugged air vent.
Just pop the cap and listen for air pressure/vacuum sounds.

Wayne S


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