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Hi i am using Yamaha R15 Version 1 the stocks head light is not that good for night driving so i upgraded to HID with 35X2=70 W (HID main lights) + 5X2=10 W (HID angel eyes rings)+ 5X2=10 W (Halogen Pilot light) the total load was about 90 W and battery stock use to drain in 1 hour of driving or say 15-20 mins of lights on engine OFF.

The stock lights are 35X2=70 W + 5X2=10 W pilot lights => 80 W load.

Now those HID died and would like to use Philips 55/60 W Night vision lights which says 100% more light than normal Halogen.
So now total load would be 55X2=110 + 5X2=10 => 120W is it recommended to use it? Will electrical system would be able to take that much load, the wires, fuse, relay, etc. How about battery draining time while driving?

Sir: I am a Carburetor Specialist, but I know many other traits as well.
In my opinion you are going to be creating issues with your stator, generator, relays and others. It may work fine, I cant say. But I would recommend finding something closer to the
stock wattage of the machine. You may want to add an alternate battery and charging system
if your set on going to the higher wattage bulbs. I cant advise you on how this would work out
as I know on my Bikes it don't take long with engine off to run the battery down.
Have you checked into a battery that holds a higher CCA amperage? It may hold a charge longer.
I also know if you use a higher wattage bulb on some bikes you can see the light kind of flashing when its idling.
I'm Sorry I couldn't be of more help. These modification for me would be all experimental.

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