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QUESTION: william,
i own a 96 virago 750 with 24,000 miles. last week i took a short ride to a shopping center, then proceede to come back home about 1/2 mile. the bike started cutting out & ran terrible. i did a compression test & both cylinders had 120psi read. i started bike and pulled right side (rear) plug wire and it kept on going. i pulled left side and it stalled. i took it for a short ride today and it ran fine. both cylinders were warm. i also checked for spark on both plugs and ir was there. do i have a carb problem? i will appreciate any help.
vic in pa.

ANSWER: It may be time for a carb Rebuild. And you contacted the right guy.
I rebuild Virago carbs for a living.
Before you decide to have them rebuilt to look and operate like new ones try this first.
Replace the spark plugs with new ones. Check the air filter, blow it out.
And run some Seafoam in the Fuel. Use it only as directed. To much can cause issues.

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QUESTION: william,
i followed your advise. i also drained the carb bowls & the gas looked clean. i put the sea foam in and took the bike for a 30 mile ride. it ran better as i went along. still, when i pulled the plug wire on the back sylinder it kept running. when i pulled the front cyclinder it quit again. i am a bit puzzled why this is happening. could a battery going bad cause this? thank u for the quick response.
what is your price for new carbs & where are u located if u don.t mind my asking.

vic in pittsburgh pa.

ANSWER: Check out my website.
Also I sell Virago carburetors on Ebay...
User name: josefinastack712
Ebay store   viragocarb
I am in Southern California.
I do a Professional rebuild on Virago carburetors for $250.00.
My Carburetrors are Guaranteed. payment via PayPal to:
It sounds like your running on 1 cylinder. Something is clogged up on that rear cylinder....

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QUESTION: i took the bike out yesterday and ran it somemore. i think the sea foam is doing its job. when i came home i pulled the front cylinder wire & the it kept on running. if u don't mind i'll keep u updated. i really appreciate your help.


I don't mind at all. Myself I would purchase a new set of spark plugs.
It seems now that both cylinders are running. when you pull a spark plug wire you
are running on the other cylinder only. Only use the Seafoam as directed.
Premium Fuel to. But I would travel out to for until you feel confident she's back to
a dependable running condition...

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