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QUESTION: My 2000 fxdwg was purchased, after sitting for years, with 5000 miles on it. I,ve spent over $1500 at the local bike shop to cure the problem and it's still there. After warming up, from start to 25, it feels like the wheel bearings are grating. I pull in the clutch and the feeling goes away. More importantly, at 55-65, and beyond, it feels like the bike is wide open and you can barely keep control. Shakes, vibrates, acts like it's doing 1oo mph. I,ve had new tires, balance, stator, rotor, new starter, voltage regulator. Sometimes stalls leaving a light, and I can't imagine that it'll do 100 mph, much less holding on to it at that speed.

ANSWER: In your question you said you had balance, what did you mean by that? You refering to the tires?

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QUESTION: Yes, I got new Dunlops and had them balanced. I did notice that last night, the 1st cool night of the year, the bike sputtered and popped all the way home. 30 miles of seemingly not warming up. I thought it was the seafoam that I put in the tank, but it rode better today.

ANSWER: Couple other questions. Do you have a carb or is it fuel injected? When you  are riding the bike down the road and its doing all its shaking, if you pull the clutch in is it still doing all the shaking or does it smooth out

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QUESTION: Carb model..Had carb cleaned last month at shop. He drilled the plug out and said that the mixture screw was only out 1 and a half turns from the factory, so he backed it out 2 and a quarter. Seems like they set it in at the factory for a reason.  I pulled in the clutch at 55mph and the bike coasted pretty smooth. Slow speed grating and riding over 55-60, seems like its doing 125+.. Dangerous really.

there are 2 things that I would look at. First is the carb. The mixture screw at the factory is set at 1 1/2 turns. One thing to remember is this screw only controls the mixture at idle. Off idle, the secondary or slow jet controls. I would check the secondary jet to make sure its not plugged with dirt. Also, I would check the rubber around the slide to make sure its not torn.
The other possibility is that the balancer in the motor is damaged or a bearing is going out. The balancer going out would cause a lot of vibration and the motor not running smooth.

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