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Motorcycle Repair/'72 Honda CL450 slipping in & out of 2nd gear


Hi Wayne,
Your answer on my first question with this problem was the worn shift drum stopper. I did pull mine out and the wheel was worn. It could move about 1/8". I was able to track down a NOS part, when it came in, I installed it; took it for a test ride and it still does the same exact thing; Slips in and out of second gear. Now, what do you suggest? I would really hate to have to pull this engine out again.
Thanks,  Paul

Hi Paul,

If the drum stopper is holding the shift drum firmly in place
and the gears are jumping out then it indicates
there is wear on some internal parts of the transmission.

My guess would be a worn or bent shifting fork
but the gear dogs on the gears themselves  can get rounded
off due to the slipping. The best thing is to check the
shift drum grooves, fork and fork pins and the gears for
excessive wear or end play that keeps the second
gear from engaging fully.

There is nothing you can really do from outside the transmission
as most all the related parts are inside the engine cases.

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