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SE Johnny,


I have a 1994 Fatboy, owned since new; not long after I had HD battery cables replaced for a set of Fisher/Terry cables at the time.

What sparks this is it's time for a new battery and the cables and terminals have never matched up, so the dealer just puts in whatever battery matches + to + and - to -.

Am I to guess whatever ding-dong put my Terry/Fisher cables on, put them on backwards??...I'm getting cranky in my old age and finally need to make this right!

Please and thanks!

Hi Craig, I don't understand the Question. What do you mean by back words?. Cables have two ends to them one large for starter. The other end is smaller for battery. Can't put them on back word's, Did the battery get replaced at the same time?. Are the battery terminal to the front of the bike or the back of the bike?/ What side is the POS on Left or right?. Need more info to answer this question. Have a blessed day friend. Johnny

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