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I pulled the engine from a new purchase -- 1970 CL175.   I want to get the cylinder head off to view the bore, pistons, etc..  so I know what I have prior to putting time into the over all reconditioning.    Anyway, the manual states to rotate till "t" lines up with the timing mark and the "o" is at the top cam.  So you're at TDC.  Then it states remove tension from chain.  So far so good....

Now my problem -- manual says to remove master link and remove chain clearing the way for head removal.  My problem is that the master link is no where to be seen at TDC.  It's a 3/4 rotation away.   The chain is loose, but not enough to lift off the sprocket.  Can't get the chain off at TDC....

What is your advice on how to proceed?  I've never done this before, but I am fairly mechanical.

Hi Mike,

Just a added note:
If your camshaft gear has two bolts
holding it on you can remove the bolts
and drop the camshaft gear down to get
the chain off.


You don't have to worry about the camshaft position until you
go to reassemble the engine.

Just turn the engine until your cam chain link is at the top
and remove it. Tie some wires or whatever to each side of the chain
to prevent it from falling into the engine.

When you get things checked out then get your camshaft
positioned with the o at the top and the T mark aligned
on the rotor. Once the chain is loose you should be able to
move it around so you can get the link back in or hold the
chain in position and turn it until you can reinsert the chain link.

The main thing is have it timed when you reassemble it and
work gently so as not to bent any valves.

Always double check the timing marks once the chain
has some tension on it to make sure the alignment is correct.

Wayne S

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