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QUESTION: PLEASE HELP!!! how do you fully remove the oil filter from a 1982 yamaha Virago 920 ."


The oil filter is under the small cover on the right side of the engine.
It has 3 allen bolts in it to remove.
Remove the bottom bolt by unscrewing it all the way to prevent damage to the small
oring inside.

Once the cover is off you just turn and pull as necessary to get the old oil filter out.
There will be a small oring on the botom bolt hole and another oring
on the cover itself. If you have trouble getting the cover off it may
need to be pryed off carefully with some small tools.

Once the old filter is out you can clean up any oil and put the new filter
back in. Watch that the rubber seals or washers are properly in place as
well as the orings.

Put the cover back on and torque the bolts very lightly to about 7 ft/lbs.

You can use motor oil to lube any orings or rubber parts as you assemble things.

Before draining the engine oil the bike should be warmed up a bit
to help the oil drain. The oil filler cap should also be open to allow air
into the crankcase so the oil drains fully.

The drain plug can be torqued 25-30 ft/lbs max with a good or new sealing washer.

Let me know if you need more info.

Wayne S.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you very much for the last answer. My 1982 Yamaha Virgo 920 will not start i turn it over and it makes a clicking sound i have a new battery plugs ( get spark. It will only click click and the pistons are turning really slow. pleas help if u can. THANKS AGAIN!

Hi Rob,

Your new battery may still need to be charged as the starter relay
clicks when the voltage is low or you have poor connections to
the battery or the frame ground to the battery.

If charging doesn't help I would have the battery load tested
as even some new batteries are faulty.

It might be the starter needs some service.
Could be dirty or worn brushes.

The Virago has a starter drive clutch inside that
can start to slip. If this happens the engine
does not usually turn at all.

Get the battery checked out and then go from there.
The clicking noise means the relay does not have
enough voltage to keep it connected magnetically.

Clean connections with electronic spray cleaner.

Wayne S

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