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Hi I have a Suzuki GSXR 600 2004 and last week while running on the highway it sudenlly turned off, I bought a new battery and checked all the fuses but still cant start it, please try to help me out with something that maybe can help me start my bike again. thanks

Hi Maria,

If the bike quit running you may have to have the
computer analyzed by a dealer.
These bikes have a self-diagnostic plug which
can be activaed to find codes which indicate the problem.

You can check for spark to the spark plugs
and then if that looks okay you can try
a quick spray of starting fluid in the air
intake of the engine to see if it fires.

If either the spark or the fuel is not working
the bike may have an issue with either
the crankshaft position sensor or the
fuel pump or fuel pump relay.

A computer diagnostic check should indicate these
problems but you need a special tool
the dealers have to activate this feature.

When you turn on the key you should hear the
fuel pump make noise for a few seconds.
If you don't hear that then the fuel pump
or it's relay may be faulty.

Check under the drivers seat for loose connectors
as they could work loose and stop the bike.
Make sure you have enough fuel in the fuel tank.

The engine stop/run switch might be faulty or
the ignition switch as well.

If you can't see anything obvious then
you may have to find out more about getting
the self diagnostic system working and
then the codes will tell you what is wrong.

A dealer should be able to help you
get the codes and see what needs fixing.

If your bike happens to have carbs instead of fuel
injection then you can try the spark check and
starting fluid test I mentioned above.

Luck to you,

Wayne S.

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