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QUESTION: Hi, how can I remove and eliminate my XT500 kill switch?  I don't want it, and since it has exposed wire (have taped it off with success) and I'm trying to find where I am losing my spark, I'd like to eliminate the kill switch for one less possibility.  The bike ran fine for weeks since I've gotten it, then after trying to adjust the cam chain, I had no spark, and can't figure out where the problem is, yet.  But the kill switch, despite me taking the throttle assembly apart and reconnecting and taping it, is a concern.  Thanks, Landon

ANSWER: OK. I would say the wires in the throttle assembly is the problem.
The circuit could be an open or closed circuit.
The switch when switched to the kill position could open or close a circuit.
So the wires being seperated could be the issue. They may need to be connected to make it
a closed circuit so it can run. Or they may be connected, and seperated when swithed to the kill position which would open the circuit.
I dont think the cam chain adjustment would effect the spark.
If the switch was disconnected and running. Disconnect it again and see if the switch is the issue...

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QUESTION: Actually, the kill switch is a grounding wire - a single wire - so it doesn't open a closed circuit.  A closed circuit is needed for electricity to flow.  When you turn a light off, you open that circuit.
 I found the answer, form people who work on these machines primarily - you disconnect the bullet connector in the headlamp for the kill switch wire, leaving it in "run" mode all of the time.
After doing that, I could quit worrying about the kill switch - I wouldn't have worried about it at all, save for troubles with it in the past.  After testing the ignition coil, it looks to be faulty, so a new one is on the way.  
Thanks, though, for the input!

Yes thats makes since. The kill being a grounding wire that kills the power.
Thank for inlightening me. I am a Carburetor Specialist and havent worked on troubleshooting electrical shorts for a long time and they are not my favorite thing to do.

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