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QUESTION: I have an 03 ultra classic that backfires and shuts off at stop lights,also before this happens the speed-o-meter goes crazy. It will die and then it goes up and down showing all kinds of speeds. My Harley shop says they can find nothing wrong after many visits. Can this be from a bad coil? or any other ideas....

ANSWER: It cant be the coil, since the speedo jumps around. Its going to be one of the sensers, but which one is hard to say without a diagnostic run on the bike. I cant believe your local Harley shop cant find anything. They should be able to run a diagnostic and check the codes. I would go to another shop and have it checked

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QUESTION: after the third visit they did say it finally did it when they rode it. I was told well it needed a new battery which I had just put one in about a month before the visit, and they say they found a wire in the neck that was the problem. After I paid them again on the ride across town it started again. I called them and they said well they just don't know.

I still say you should to another shop. The other thing is the shop you have been using should give you a refund. If it were me I would call Harley's headquarters and complain!
I would love to be able to help you, but without the bike I have no way of determining what is wrong.

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