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Im losing spark after the bike warms up it runs for about a minute and then dies what do you think is the cause and how do I fix it

Hi Mike,

It sounds like a bad ignition pulse coil
or main ignition coil.

If you have two ignition coils you can try swapping them
to see if the problem moves to the other plugs.

If you find it only quits with heat then try cooling
the coil on the side that quits.

If all the spark is stopping it might be the main ignitor box
is failing. Try cooling it with an ice pack to see if it starts
working when cooled.

The pulse coils or signal generators are
under the right side cover with 4 screws in it.
Usually only one will quit so you should still have
spark on at least two plugs.

Heat will often affect them as well.

Check if all the spark is quitting or just
two plugs. All the spark indicates a bad ignitor unit
where as two plugs quitting indicates either
igntion coil or signal generator pulse coil problems.

If you happen to have an old model with contact
points then those would likely need setting or replacing.

Let me know if you need other info.

Wayne S


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