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I'm looking at purchasing the above bike, I know the 1200's were bad for stators as is this bike. The fella that owns this bike has purchased a new stator and is including the new stator he purchased but hasn't yet had installed. Honda only built the fuel injected model for two years 86/87 is there anything else I should be weery of or look for before I make this purchase

Hi Dave,

The SE-i is a great bike so the only thing to be wary of is that
it's age means parts are getting rare.
Check the tire wear and see if it rides smooth.

The electrical should be gone over and all the connections
cleaned and dielectric greased.

If you can find a 1500 Goldwing you will have a newer model
and newer technology.

If it runs good and clean you might get alot of miles out of it
if the price is right. If he wants alot of dollars you might be better
going for the 1500 engine.


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