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Your last answer to me with this slipping in and out of second gear was spot on. I pulled the engine back out and split the bottom case and the second gear dogs were slightly rounded and the oval recesses in the other gear were slightly rounded on the edges. The fork had a small amount of wear where the gear wore when sliding second gear into place. All of these slight wear points contributed to the problem of slipping in and out.
 I have purchased a used, but better transmission and shift drum with the three forks that didn't have any noticeable wear. Now the transmission works perfectly. I really hated having to pull the engine back out, but it was worth it.
Thanks for helping.

Hi Paul,

Too bad you had to pull the engine again but sometimes there is no other way
to get things fixed.
The better shift forks will help keep the gears in place as well as the other
parts being in better shape.
Keep the oil level up and the wear will be minimal.

I think sometimes abuse is the thing that wears out alot of transmissions.
Shifting with some sanity can go along ways too. Previous owners
may have been rough on the shift lever.

Good luck and hope you have fun riding,

Wayne S

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