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Long story short... My grandfather passed on mothers day 2013, he had a 78 cb750k8 sitting since 1996...I am restoring it to keep forever. I have taken the carburetor completely apart to where each carb is separate and disassembled, including linkage. Now, the rod that controls the slides goes through two holes on each carb and had some sort of seal or cloth like seal ring and flat rubber rings, some have been destroyed.  If you can help I need whatever information you have to help me with the linkage for the choke and the slide rod linkage and what I can use in place of those seals or where I can get some or a diagram. I have a clymer manual but it doesn't show how to link them together or those seals. I have a seal kit for the each card but it didn't come with any thing like that nor have I seen a kit that has them. If you can not help me can you direct me to someone that can I appreciate any thing you can do.

I hope to hear back from you. Thank you very much,


Hi Mark,  Sorry to hear about your loss.  It is unusual to have to take carbs apart that far, but since you are there now I would recommend you contact Randall Washington at
He may be able to help you find the parts you need.

Good luck,  Jan

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