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Johnny, I have a 2006 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic FLSTCI.... I want to install a Cobra PowrPro fuel management system... I need to lift the gas up a few inches in order to get to the electrical connections on the fuel injectors and to run the wiring....

I've never taken the gas tank off an injected bike only one with a carb... I would think the tank needs to be ran dry to get rid of the gas and eliminate any pressure...

if that is correct I would appreciate what steps would be next as I don't want to break anything...


on the fuel line.It is a quick disconnect fitting. You do not half to drain the fuel out of the tank. There is a cross over hose in the front of the fuel tank.,that will have to be pinched off and the other end of the disconnected hose pluged with a rubber plug. now you can lift the gas tank off. as far as my Expert in fuel injections. As a 44 year tech. I would NOT install the Cobra Powerpro fuel management system. You or any DYNO Tech with a Dyno can not adjust your air/fuel correctly. Take it back and buy a powercommander % for your bike. It will let the Dyno Tech adjust your air/fuel correctly at ever throttle position and at every RPM in real time as the bike is running. Then they go after the Ignition timing and adjust it for max tuning. There is no timing adjustment with the Cobra Powerpro fuel management system, and you dont have to splice any wires into your injector wires, or remove your gas tank at all. I own a dynojet 250i  load controller dyno. I have had it 22 years. I have try all fuel injection systems. From vance and hines to cobra and S&S and Zippers. NONE work like Dynojet power commander. If there was something better I would be using it myself. God bless and have a wonderful day. Johnny 562/666/6062  

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