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Motorcycle Repair/fall in acceleration?


dad's 2 month old honda cb unicorn 150 cc doesn't picks it normal acceleration for first 100-200 metres everytime. RPM show 5k but speed doesn't go beyond 10km/h n then it comes back to normal automaticaly.
bike is 2000km done
whats the issue? reply ASAP

Hi Pankaj,

It sounds like the clutch is slipping.

You can try giving the cable some more
slack (10mm) to allow the clutch to engage
but if it keeps on slipping the clutch will have to be checked.

The clutch plates or discs might be warped
or burnt from excessive slipping.

The clutch slips until the bike is moving
fast enough for the plates to hold again.

I suggest trying to adjust the clutch and
then removing the clutch plates and checking
them for wear or warps.

Clutch springs may be weak from engine heating,
replace the springs and clutch plates
if burnt and use a good brand of motorcycle oil
10W40. Keep the oil level full as it reduces the
engines heat.

There is no other reason for the engine speed
to increase without moving the bike faster
other than clutch problems.

Wayne S

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