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Motorcycle Repair/2005 Honda TRX 350 TM Carb


I just installed a new carb. Atv starts and idles great. As soon as you try to give it gas it sputters and dies. Restarts fine. Even at idle, if you pull the choke out any, it will die.
Any thoughts?

Hi James,

Check for air leaks around the mounting areas and
also check for proper fuel height in the float bowl.
Should be nearly full.

Check the spark plug color to see if it is running
rich (black/sooty) or lean, (whitish color)

Could be insuficient fuel supplied when the carb starts
to open if the main jet is too small or carb needle
is too low. Make sure the center main jet is totally
clear and also the atomizer holes above the main jet.

Low current to the ignition can also cause a stall.
This can be caused by using a replacement ignition
coil with incorrect primary ohms.

Check for plugged fuel tank air vent.

If the spark plug is black or sooty check
the air filter, choke adjustment.
If some choke doesn't help to get the speed up
then it might be flooding and need the float
level and float valve checked.

The spark plug should give you clues as to either
too much fuel/air or insufficient fuel.

Sometimes poor connections can lower
the ignition strength so clean all connectors.


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