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I am a person suffering from back ache and not in a financial position to afford car travel
everytime . The state of  roads here are pathetic with gutters. Honda Unicorn is known to be having the best suspension system and riding comfort in India. I also watched it,but noticed the width of the rear tyre is comparatively less than that of Yamaha FZ and Bajaj pulzar. So to reduce the shock effect in indian roades I would like to use a wider rear tyre( as that of pulzar or fz)for Unicorn. If needed  I am ready to change front tyre also.. am not over cocerned about milage.Will my experement  back fire?Would Like to Know your valuable Openion..

Anoop Narayanan From TVM,Kerala

There are two reasons for tire dimensions, one small one is for comfort and flex, the other and much more important is to give optimum handling to the motorcycle.  The tire size will affect the speed of turn-on, the stability and the cornering performance of the motorcycle.  You have only considered one aspect of all of these, and actually the least important design consideration; comfort.  Secondly there are clearance aspects, both on the side of the swing-arm and in the height when the suspension is compressed.  So before putting on bigger tires, please talk to other people who have this bike and see if they have any experience with tire changes.  Good luck,  Jan

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